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Shanghai Silk Road International Trading Co., LTD (上海司可国际贸易有限公司) is a corporate consultancy located in Shanghai. We provide a range of services for startups, entrepreneurs, and companies along the Belt & Road member countries and beyond.

上海司可国际贸易有限公司是一家位于上海的公司咨询公司。 我们为“一带一路”沿线成员国以及其他国家的初创企业,企业家和公司提供一系列服务。

Our Philosophy 

Shanghai Silk Road has two main concepts:
1) To build and promote an international community of shared destiny (命运共同体) –we share our destiny with each other. No country can be better off by itself.
2) Promote international cooperation and co-prosperity (合作共荣). 

Our Focus

Shanghai Silk Road focuses on rebuilding and promoting the historic Silk Road through international trade and entrepreneurship. We focus on helping and connecting the businesses in the Belt & Road member states and beyond. 


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Shanghai Silk Road Corporate global consultancy
Shanghai Silk Road Trainings and Workshops in Shanghai
Shanghai Silk Road Corporate Legal Services

Trusted by more than 500 Happy Clients

We have served and worked with more than 600+ companies so far, from startups, to small, to medium, and large enterprises globally.  

Our Office

V8432-V8437, Weiheng Business Center, No. 450 Caijiabang Road, Dongjing Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai



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