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Can I start an ESL school in China?

ESL training has always been a lucrative business in China, in this article we talk about how one can enter the Chinese ESL market.

JR & Firm LLC – Our U.S. partner for corporate consultancy

JR & Firm LLC – a U.S. based corporate consultancy company, specializing in company formation, U.S. and offshore taxation and banking, market entry, bi-lingual agreements, and other tailor made consultancy services

How to start a football academy in China?

Football – be it soccer or American football – is a very profitable business in China, as there’s a lot of demand learn western sports.

How much does it cost to register a company in China?

While there’s no flat fee for all types of companies, you can use the following calculator to have an approximate idea about the costs involved to register a company in China

How much tax will I pay in China?

It’s very hard to give any exact figure that works for anyone or any company, but generally speaking, your company might have to pay 1) Corporate income tax 2) VAT 3) Social Security 4) Personal Income Tax, and the tax rates vary depending on many factors – net profit, amount of salary, time of payment, type of goods etc.

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