Following PDF documents are prepared to give you some basic information about the company registration, work visas, and opening corporate bank accounts for your company. They also answer most of the frequently asked questions. Please download the ones you need and let us know if you have further questions and we’ll gladly assist. Please note that information provided in these documents might have changed, so please double check the correctness of fees, requirements, lists of required documents etc. with us before making any final decisions.

  1. Company formation fees in Shanghai, China – 2020
  2. Company formation in China – FAQ
  3. Some benefits of forming a WFOE in China
  4. Required documents for WFOE formation in Shanghai
  5. Type of WFOE in China
  6. WFOE formation Map
  7. Company formation questionnaire – global
  8. Company formation questionnaire – China
  9. Food & Beverage WFOE registration service fees – Shanghai
  10. Web Design 2020 Fees
  11. Restaurant WFOE – Shanghai 2020
  12. List of documents for work visa – Standard list
  13. Work Visa Application from Shanghai
  14. Company registration service fees – Guangzhou
  15. Certificate of Origin – Steps to apply
  16. Company registration service fees – British Columbia, Canada
  17. Company registration service fees – Hong Kong
  18. Company registration service fees – Foshan
  19. Company registration service fees – Hangzhou
  20. Company registration service fees – Shenzhen
  21. Company registration service fees – Yiwu
  22. List of documents for work visa for Nigerian citizens
  23. List of documents for work visa for Pakistan citizens
  24. Required Documents – Hong Kong LTD
  25. Required Documents – WOFE Foshan
  26. Required Documents – WOFE Guangzhou
  27. Required Documents – WOFE Shenzhen
  28. Required Documents – WOFE Yiwu
  29. VAT Refund in China – Documents List
  30. AliExpress Global Seller Account – Package Fees (2020)
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