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What kind of visa is needed to start a WFOE in China?

Registering a WFOE doesn’t require any specific visa – it can be registered with (when you’re in China) or without (when you’re outside of China) any type of visa.

Can foreigners start a business in China?

Yes! foreigners can start and own businesses in China. There are encouraged (for e.g. R&D), restricted (negative list, for e.g. foreign investment in Chinese high schools) and prohibited industries (for e.g. fishing, media,   for foreigners.

Can students register a company in China?

Yes! Students can register a company in China. However, they will not be allowed to work for their own company until they change their student visa to a work visa. They can remain as shareholder of their company and be a stuent at the same time, but to take up a position (director, manager etc.) in their company they will need a work visa.

F.A.Q.s on WFOE & Business in China

What is the required paid up capital to register a WFOE in China?

Since 2016, there’s no required paid-up capital when forming a trading and consulting WFOEs in China. There are still some types of WFOEs which require minimum paid up capital, for e.g. manufacturing WFOE, banking WFOE etc.

Can I have a Chinese partner / shareholder in my WFOE in China?

Yes, foreigners are allowed to have Chinese shareholders in their WFOEs, they can also appoint a Chinese person as a director and/or supervisor of their companies in China.

What are the minimum requirements to register a WFOE in China?

Minimum requirements to register a WFOE in China are (prepare the following):
1. Chinese & English names of the company 2. Director aka Legal Person (of any nationality) 3. Manager aka Supervisor (of any nationality) 4. Valid passport copies for shareholder(s), director and supervisor 5. Contact details (address, email, phone number) for shareholder(s), director and supervisor

Can I register a company in China from distance?

Yes. In China, company registration can be done from distance. With Power of Attorney, Shanghai Silk Road can help you submit your application and obtain the business license of your company. However, opening a corporate bank account and registering the company at the tax department will require the visit of the company director.

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