Register a company in Russia

Company Formation in Russia

Our company formation package in Russia includes the following:

1. Name registration
2. Obtaining company seals
3. Corporate bank account opening
4. Tax Registration
5. Opening a store on one of the e-commerce platforms in Russia:,,

Documents required:

1. Legalized copy of passport - for company director.
2. Power of Attorney to our staff in Moscow.
3. Office space in Moscow. Having an office is mandatory for any company in Russia, as it's required to register the company with the local tax office and to open a corporate bank account for the company. Approximate prices for an average office in Moscow start from $200/month.

Please note that our service fees do not cover any government charges and paid up capital fees during company registration in Russa. NOTE: There's no minimum size requirements for office space.
Currently (Dec. 2021), there's a mandatory 11000 Russian Rubles paid up capital when registering a company in Russia, which is around 150 USD (Dec. 2021)
If you have any questions about forming a company in Russia, please email:

Register a company in Russia


Including VAT, Company Formation in Russia

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