If you are interested in forming a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) formation in China, please take a moment to fill the contact form below.
Please tell us about your business plans – we’ll send you a custom proposal based on your specific situation, needs and requirements. Please try to be as precise as possible, and don’t forget to include your contact details too. Upon receiving and analyzing your message, one of our consultants will contact you. This data remains confidential and is not sold to third-parties. 

You can also download a company formation questionnaire in PDF form, click here.

Please include the following details:

1) What sort of company would you like to start? e.g. trading, consulting, manufacturing etc.
2) Where in China would you like to register your WFOE?
3) Exactly what products/services would you like to trade with?
4) When would you like to start?
5) What is the director’s nationality? (it matters because, unfortunately, some banks have restrictions – we will need to check)
6) What is your budget?
7) Can you travel to China to sign documents?
8) Your preferred contact details: email, phone number, WeChat, WhatsApp etc.


6 + 14 =

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