Graduating in December and want to stay in China and work? (or not very sure what’s next?)

We have several options for you:

1. Start a company in China and get your work permit, be your own boss.

2. Continue your studies and set up a dropshipping business that makes money while you sleep! You DON’T need a work/business visa for this. Student visa works just fine.

3. Continue your studies, and become an agent and sign a contract with us, again, you don’t need a work or business visa for this. Your clients, your cash.

4. 3 Day Startup: The Most Practical Business Training ever. In only 3 days you can get your business up and running. Come and spend only 3 days with us in our startup camp and you’ll have everything you need to run your company. 3 years of business school in only 3 days!

*3 Day Startup Camp comes with a certificate. Places are limited: we only train 6 people at a time. If you miss one session, you might have to wait for the next.

*Also, $2447 worth of software is included in our startup camp price.

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