Bilingual Contracts

It is highly recommended the agreements you sign in Mainland China are at least in two languages: English and Chinese.

What We Do

At Shanghai Silk Road we have been assisting our international clients with bilingual contract drafting for many years now. Our legal counsels with rich experience in Chinese and international law can assist you with your contracts in China, making sure they cover everything in detail in both English and Chinese languages.

Common Types of Bilingual Contracts in China


General Employment Contract

This agreement is required when you are hired as an employee or hire an employee in China.


Partnership Contract

A well drafted partnership agreement is a must if you want to avoid any legal issues between yourself and your Chinese partner in the long run.


Nondisclosure Agreement

Often times, not knowing the Chinese text in an NDA and signing it blindly brings a lot of unpredictable negative consequences. Including English in your confidentiality agreements in China is always recommended.Β 


Purchase and Sale Agreement

This is the most common type of contract among foreign entrepreneurs in China, who are engaged in trading. A well drafted Purchase and Sales agreement saves you a lot time, energy and expenses.


Agency & Sales Commission Agreement

When you or your company acts an agent for Chinese factories and earn commission from sales, it is recommended that you negotiate the terms of your relationship upfront and put everything in an agreement.


Nominee Director / Shareholder / Supervisor Contract

This is another common type of agreement in China among foreign entrepreneurs and companies, especially when they don’t have their own staff, and when they hire nominee executives or appoint local shareholders.

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