Product Sourcing, Quality Control, and Shipping Worldwide 

Product Sourcing

We can source literally all sorts of products from the best and most reliable and trustworthy suppliers in China.

Quality Control

Before the goods are shipped overseas, our staff will actually examine the products, prepare a detailed report about the quality and make sure that the goods match the quality standards you agreed upon with your supplier.


We can receive, consolidate and ship your products to any part of the world. We can also use your own custom packaging and branding before the goods are shipped.

How does it work?

Dropshipping with confidence – No More Bad Quality Products!

1. Speak to us! 

Please fill the form below and let us know what product you’re looking for, in what quantity and tell us about your requirements and quality standards. 

2. We will find the best suppliers

After we’ve received all the details about the products you’re looking for and your requirements, we will find the best and most trustworthy suppliers to meet your requirements and demands.

3. Quality Control

Our advantage is that we are in China, we have our warehouses in Guangzhou and Yiwu – best wholesale regions in China. Once we find a supplier for you, we will send our staff to the supplier’s warehouse to actually examine the quality of the products – we will prepare a detailed video report about the products. 

4. Shipping

Once we check the quality of the products, we will ship them to any location you want. We can also use your own custom packaging and branding before the goods are shipped. 

dropshipping made easy

We find, we check, we ship.

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