Restaurant / Cafe business in China


In this post we talk about how to start a restaurant / cafe / bar etc. catering business in China.


Restaurant business in China

What’s the first step?

The very first step, in order to start a restaurant / cafe / bar / pub / bakery etc. catering business in China, is to find a place where this business 1) will be registered and 2) operate.

There are many websites in China that can be very helpful to find a place to rent, but we always recommend contacting the local real estate agents (every street has dozens of real estate agencies), as they areΒ 

obviously very well informed about the local ups and downs, price ranges,Β  and definitely are connected with the local landlords to get better deals.

What’s the second step?

After finding a place and securing it for your future restaurant / cafe business, you will need to register a company.

For restaurant / cafe / bar etc. catering businesses, China has a special type of company – Restaurant Management Company (technically an LTD company with restaurant management license).

Generally speaking, Registering a Restaurant Management Company is like registering any other type of company in China. The process goes as follows:

1. Name registration at the local company registrar – 7 business days;
2. Incorporation + obtaining company chops – around 10 business days;
3. Applying for Restaurant Management license – around 3 weeks;
4. Applying for Foodservice license – around 2 weeks;
5. Applying for Health permit – around 2 weeks;
6. Applying for Liquor license (optional) – around 2 weeks;
7. Opening a corporate bank account – around 3 business days to get the account fully functional;
8. Company Tax Registration – around 2 weeks;
9. Labour account opening – around 3 business days;
10. Clients can start their visa / work permit process.

Want to start a restaurant in China?

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