Training school business in China


In this post we talk about how to start a training school / education business in China.


Education business in China

Before we talk about the topic, it’s important to note that education business in China is highly regulated. According to current policies, it’s nearly impossible to obtain an education license (unless you have access to tens of millions of dollars of funding and you have an established, well-known education brand overseas – university, famous school etc.). Government

prohibits any private training school (small to medium size, unknown, fresh brands) from offering training / courses in the subjects that are in school curriculum in China – mathematics, Chinese literature, English, biology, physics etc.

What to do then?

If the courses / training are not in the school curriculum, it’s very straightforward to register a training school in China. Some examples of such allowed courses:

1. IT – coding, software development, web and application development etc.
2. Painting and dancing
3. Martial Arts – Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido, Judo, Wrestling etc.
4. Yoga
5. Gym training / courses
6. Public speaking
7. Filling University Applications / applying to foreign universities / personal statement writing etc.
8. Interview prep
9. Business courses / trainings for professionals
10. Professional exam preps / trainings – GMAT, GRE, CFA, ACCA etc.

These are some of the example courses which are allowed to teach by starting a training school in China, without obtaining an education license.

In this case, the company you register will be a ” XXX Culture Communication Co., LTD” (you will need to replace XXX with your own company name) type of company, in Chinese it’s called 文化传播有限公司 (Wénhuà chuánbò yǒuxiàn gōngsī), and this type of company can be started just like any other type of trading and consulting company in China.

Requirements are as follows:

1. Choosing a company name;
2. Finding an address to register your company in the region / city and district you want to register in China (for e.g. Shanghai, Pudong district etc.). If you do it through our company, we can provide a registration address.
3. Company name registration – 7 business days;
4. Incorporation + obtaining company chops – 10 business days;
5. Company bank account opening – 1-3 business days;
6. Company tax registration – 2-3 weeks;

Culture Communication companies do not need an education license in China. Founders are not expected to provide any skills certificates either – certificates in sports, painting, dancing etc.

However, if the founders want to sponsor themselves with work visa / work permits under their Culture Communication company as instructors / teachers, having such skills certificates, diplomas, and most importantly an academic degree + minimum 2 years of professional related work experience will be required by immigration offices in China. But if they just want to start such a business and remain as shareholders, as we mentioned above, they won’t be asked to show any certificates, diplomas or work experience related to their business venture.

Want to start a skills training school in China?

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