If you’re in trading business with or in China, we have good news for you – now you can start your own AliExpress store and start selling products globally, or start your dropshipping business. It’s a good opportunity for anyone who wants to have a small business on the side – especially for international students studying in China, people who can source products from local e-commenrce platforms like taobao, 1688.com etc. and list them on their AliExpress store and start shipping to clients abroad – to individuals and retailers on Amazon and Ebay, and wholesale businesses in different countries.

So how can one open a store on AliExpress in 2021?
Today, you can start an Aliexpress store if you are from OR have a business registered in one of the following countries:

1. Mainland China

2. Italy

3. France

4. Spain

5. Russia

6. Turkey

All you need is a registered company or to be a self-employed individual in those jurisdictions listed above.

Right now, in 2021, Aliexpress supports the following types of business entities:

1. State-owned business

2. Public-listed business

3. Privately-owned business

4. Self-employed individual

So, If you’re a self-employed person or a have one of those types of companies in one of those countries above, you can open a store on AliExpress. For that, you need to prepare:

1) Business Information 

2) VAT Registration Number & VAT Registration Certificate (will have to send an attachment, so prepare the scan copy) 

3) Legal Representative Information (In China Legal Representative means the company director): ID number and Address

then go to:

Create your AliExpress.com account: https://login.aliexpress.com/join/seller/unifiedJoin.htm

And follow the instructions there. That’s it!

You can contact us if you want to register a company in the above jurisdictions, we help foreigners with company formation globally, including China. Contact us today and we’ll recommend you the best jurisdiction for your AliExpress store based on your specific situation. Remember, in e-commenrce, there’s no general rule that applies to all when it comes to choosing the right location for your company – you need to consider your personal circumstances and that’s where it gets complex. Every country has different policies, tax laws, filing requirements and etc. Let the experts handle this and you focus on building your business. 

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