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We receive a lot of requests / questions from our international clients on how to verify Chinese companies. This article answers those questions.

If you are reading this article, you probably have come across with this challenging question – how to verify a Mainland China company? There are two ways to do this:

NOTE: Before you use any of the following methods, first you should have the full Chinese name of the company you want to check. Although Chinese companies have their English names, their Chinese names are their main / legal names, which is registered in the government system. English names are not always registered in public databases.

1. China’s National Enterprise Credit Information Public System. This website is free and it belongs to and run by the Chinese government. It contains basic information on all companies registered in Mainland China. As you might expect, the website is entirely in Chinese. Also, most of our clients from outside of China said that they could not open this website. There might be many technical explanations on this issue, including foreign IP addresses, i.e. Chinese government websites automatically block foreign IP addresses and it becomes impossible to open them from outside of China sometimes.

2. Paid services. Our company offers China company check up services to our overseas clients. Our reports are in English and will have detailed information on the Chinese company you want to check / verify. You will get information such as

– Company registration details
– Legal representative (CEO)
– Supervisor (manager)
– Business Scope
– License(s)
– Legal risks about the company
– Legal risks about the founder(s)
– Legal risks about the CEO and other  executives
– Tax payments and audits
– and other relevant information.

You can order your report here.


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