JR & Firm LLC

Our U.S. based corporate consultancy partner. JR& Firm specializes in the following services. Feel free to contact them directly.


If you want to incorporate your business in the U.S., Russia, China or other countries, JR & Firm LLC can help you with the process. 

Individual & Corporate Taxes

Want to understand your tax liabilities in the countries you want to do business in? JR & Firm LLC can assist you. Click here to schedule a call.


If you want to liquidate your company in the U.S., JR & Firm can assist you with the process

Citizenship By Investment

JR & Firm can assist you to 1) decide which CBI program is right for your needs and situation 2) process your CBI application A to Z.

Corporate Training

JR & Firm provides online corporate training to different companies – startups and SMEs.

Offshore Banking Solutions

If you want to bank overseas or outside the place of your company’s domicile, JR & Firm can assist you open a corporate bank account in many low tax jurisdictions.

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