Starting from November 2020, entrepreneurs / investors who don’t have an academic degree from a recognised university can apply for a work permit + visa (residence visa – Z) in Shanghai without making an investment + without any professional work experience letters. However, the current requirements are:

1. They will have to hire at least 1 Chinese employee (citizen) + pay social security (in Shanghai it’s around 2000 RMB/month) for them and

2. Their company will have to issue at least 150,000 RMB invoice in each quarter.

Previously, if a person didn’t have an academic degree, he/she was required to make at least 10,000 USD investment into his/her company and obtain a capital report – this was a substitute for an academic degree and work experience – Now, this investment requirement has been cancelled.

Type C work permit is designed for entrepreneurs / investors / talents who don’t have the required minimum 2 years professional work experience.

If you’re a fresh graduate or graduated from a university within the last 2 years, you can apply for a work permit type C in China without any work experience. However, the current requirements are:

1. Have to be a graduate from a Master’s Degree (from a recognized university)
2. On the university marksheet / transcript, grades from each subject should not be lower than 80 points
3. Health report from Shanghai (from a designated hospital in Shanghai)

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