Since 28 March 2020, due to the risks associated with COVID-19, Chinese government has taken a number of measures related to traveling to China and applying for Chinese visas. Currently, As most of the people, who are related to China with different reasons – study, work, family etc., know that a special invitation letter called PU (initiated by companies/individuals located in China to invite people into China) issued by Foreign Affairs Office is needed to apply for a new Chinese visa. 

Obviously, due to the lack of official information, articles and videos posted about PU letters are creating a lot of confusion among people who want to visit China. In the above video, I tried to clarify some of the points:

1. Who can apply for PU
2. Who can start an application for PU on your behalf? – can your friends in China do it? or does it have to a company?
3. Are PU applications still being accepted?
4. Can anyone guarantee PU letter?
5. How the process of PU application work?

If I haven’t covered any questions related to PU letters, please feel free to email us:

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