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Some of the reasons why you should start a company in Shanghai are:

1. English – Shanghai locals speak better English than other parts of China. Government officials in Shanghai can speak English too. They at least can communicate and understand you. This is a very important reason because as a businessman you don’t want to be spending a lot of time and effort to learn Chinese. Of course, knowing Chinese important too, but if your primary focus is business, then you don’t have much time to learn Chinese, and Shanghai, therefore, should be your place of incorporation.

2. Startup community – Shanghai is full of startups – both local and foreign. There are so many incubators and accelerators in Shanghai that help you grow – Chinaccelerator – most recognized accelerator of China is located in Shanghai. Also, XNode, Mailman, 23seed, Innospace+, and Shanghai Valley are all located in Shanghai. All of them support foreign startups. You can’t literally find this aspect in other parts of China.

3. Office space for only 6000 RMB. This is our offer to startups. We already have a 7 floor building in Songjiang district of Shanghai, so we have a lot of space to rent. That’s why the cheap price. You can try to rent an office yourself, but the prices are very high in all the cities of China. 6000 RMB is close to 1000 USD, and that’s very cheap. If you want to rent an office yourself, starting prices in Shanghai city center are 12000 – 15000 RMB. It will be wise to rent in the city center when your business has grown a little, but as a startup, where you’re required to a physical office while registering your company, that’s the way to go – register a company with 6000 RMB a year with us, then get an office of your dream later on, when your business has grown a bit.

4. Incorporation costs – our price is only 20 000 RMB, which includes 1 year office space rental + annual accounting fees. Again, we guarantee that this is the cheapest deal you can find. Most of the incorporation agents give you 20K RMB for only helping you register a company – excluding office rental and accounting. You can google and see yourself. Our accountants are highly qualified and I personally suggest you go with this offer, because especially if you’re new in China, it’s time consuming to find a good accountant and an office, plus as I mentioned, they are not this cheap. Quite the opposite actually.

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